It’s late at night and you’re working on your programming assignment. You’re asked to do something you’ve never tried before. You use Google to get started, but can’t find anything helpful. WHAT DO YOU DO?

  1. Leave it until tomorrow
  2. Ask your classmates what they did
  3. Watch cat videos
  4. Break the problem down and tackle it from another perspective

If you honestly answered 4, or possibly 3 then 4, keep reading.

Interaptix is a rapidly growing venture-backed augmented reality company in Toronto and we are looking to hire talented and passionate individuals to join our team. As a PEY intern, you’ll work alongside our core team of engineers. This is a hands-on role; every day is different and challenging.

If you want to work on the next generation of mixed reality (AR/VR) platforms, here’s what we expect of our interns:

  • Owning every task you’re assigned
  • Bringing your strong work ethic and creative problem solving skills to work everyday
  • Integrating various hardware and software systems
  • Implementing features for sensor fusion
  • Researching and prototyping cutting edge algorithms
  • Troubleshooting and bug fixing

You must have:

  • Strong programming skills
  • Experience developing real-time software
  • Good understanding of software engineering principles and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Strong math skills with an emphasis on 3D math, linear algebra, and numerical optimization
  • Background in computer science, mechatronics, software or computer engineering (or related field)

Also nice to have:

  • Experience working on photorealistic rendering techniques
  • Experience working on image processing techniques and OpenCV
  • Experience with graphics programming in DirectX or OpenGL
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 or Unity
  • Experience with ARCore and/or ARKit
  • Experience with Socket Programming
  • Experience training deep convolutional and/or recurrent neural networks

About us

Interaptix is a venture-backed augmented reality company working at the intersection of mixed reality, HCI, machine learning, and computer vision to fundamentally revolutionize how people interact with the world and one another. With its headquarters in downtown Toronto, Interaptix is funded by some of the most prominent tech investors and entrepreneurs. If you believe that augmented reality will be an integral part of the next computing platform and are passionate about making an impact in this exciting space, join our growing team in building new realities!

How to reach us (read carefully!)

If you want to grab our attention, include a resume, transcripts, cover letter and samples of your work.

  • Resume: We don’t want to see the same old resume – make sure to highlight the skills and talents that make you the right person.
  • Transcripts: You must include an updated copy of your transcripts with your application by attaching it to your resume.
  • Cover letter: Forget the generic ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ or ‘To whom it may concern’ greeting. Share your passion for this exciting industry with us!
  • Samples: Please include descriptions and links to examples of your best work (Github, Bitbucket, videos, etc.).
  • Include the keyword BANANA somewhere in your application, to let us know you’ve read this entire posting :)